South China Sea War: US warship arrives in South China Sea, China fires missiles – China conducts live fire exercise after US warships enter South China Sea

China has neglected nothing to show its aggression. Its relations with many countries in the South China Sea remain strained. These countries claim that China’s claim is wrong and continue to challenge it. In this episode, when American ships entered the South China Sea, Chinese warships carried out “live fire”.

Two ships have arrived
According to the South China Sea Probing Initiative (SCSPI), the USS Makin Island and the USS Somerset have entered the region. SCSPI is a Beijing-based think tank that follows movements of the Western military in the South China Sea. The group prepared a graph where one ship came from southern Taiwan and the other from the Philippines.

Missiles fired
After that, China started a line shooting exercise. According to reports, there was no plan for this exercise in advance. Long-range weapons were used there. Small warships of the 056A type Enshi, Yongzhou and Guangyuan participated in the operation. According to the Chinese military js7tv, dummy enemy ships flew during this operation and missile interception tests were carried out. A video was also shared with her of Chinese ships spitting fireballs.

China challenge
The United States and other Western countries have denied China’s claim to the South China Sea. To prove it, they send their ships here from time to time. China calls this an act of intimidation. Chinese propaganda newspaper Global Times says China should be ready to take on the United States.
(Source package: Express)

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