South Korea conducts submarine-launched ballistic missile test to confront North Korea Kim Jong Un:

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South Korea has completed preparations to give a dignified response to Kim Jong Un’s infatuation can cansol
South Korea has completed its preparations to give a dignified response to the whims of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, who was terrorizing the entire world with his nuclear missiles. South Korea successfully tested a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) for the first time last week. With this, South Korea has joined the ranks of a few selected countries that have the capacity to build SLBMs.

According to Yonhap TV News, apart from South Korea, North Korea is the seventh country in the world to have this capability. So far, all the countries that have made this missile have nuclear weapons. Although South Korea does not have an atomic bomb. Few details have been revealed about this South Korean missile, but the Hyunmo 2B is said to be the naval version of the missile.

South Korea escalates tensions with North Korea
The range of this missile would be around 500 km. It is believed that with the arrival of this new missile, South Korea’s power against North Korea will further increase. This missile was just launched from a submerged platform, but South Korean media claim that this missile will soon be fired from the Dosan Ahn Chang Ho-class submarine.

The South Korean military says the missile has yet to be tested from the Dosan Ahn Chang Ho submarine. This month, the launch system will be added to the submarine and handed over to the Navy. It’s a giant 3,000-ton submarine. South Korea took this test at a time when its tension with North Korea increased. North Korea’s cynical dictator has successfully crafted super destructive missiles that can strike America. Recently, he also performed them in front of the world.

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