South Korea KF-21 Indigenous Fighter Jet: South Korea Unveils KF-21 Indigenous Fighter Aircraft Hawk: South Korea Unveils KF-21 Indigenous Fighter Jet See Photos and Capabilities

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South Korea introduces indigenous KF-21 fighter jets to the world. By the end of this year, 3 fighters will be the 8th country in the world to build a supersonic fighter jet.
South Korea presented its KF-21 supersonic fighter jet to the world for the first time on Friday. President Moon Jay In unveiled this native fighter plane at a major event. With this, South Korea has also joined the line of a few countries that have their own fighter jets. India is already included in this list due to the manufacture of Tejas fighter jets.

These missiles will be equipped
After the first flight of the KF-21, it will be equipped with air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles. It is even claimed that this fighter plane will be made capable of firing cruise missiles. In fact, cruise missiles are long in size and there is a risk that the aircraft will become unstable when fired. Therefore, only a few countries in the world, including India, already have such technology.

A twin-engine aircraft will be available in two variants
The twin-engine fighter will be available in single-seater and double-sided versions. In this case, two-seater planes will also be used for training. President Moon Jae-in launched this plane and named it “Bormay” or “Hawk”. He described the aircraft as a milestone in the development of South Korea’s aviation industry. The aircraft will be built at Korea Aerospace Industries’ production plant in Sacheon, South Gyeongsang province.

Project to build 40 aircraft by 2028
President Moon said mass production of the KF-21 fighter jet will begin after the completion of the ground and flight tests. In the first phase, 40 fighter jets are expected to be deployed by 2028, while it will be increased to 120 by 2032. He claimed that when large-scale production of this aircraft begins, it will also create 100,000 additional jobs.

3 fighter planes will be ready this year
South Korea’s defense procurement program administration said three planes should be ready by the end of this year for testing and development. Apart from that, three more years will be ready by the middle of 2022. The plane is 65% South Korean, the rest of the material will be assembled from different countries and assembled on the plane. Nonetheless, it is described as a milestone for the South Korean aviation industry.

South Korea to become 8th country in the world
A government statement claimed that South Korea would become the eighth country in the world to have developed an advanced supersonic fighter by the end of this year, when its tests are completed. Previously, the United States, Russia, China, Japan, France, Sweden and the European countries of the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Spain have already produced airplanes together. supersonic combat.

Only two countries have 5th generation fighter jets
According to NATO’s Air Power Competence Center, only the United States and China have deployed fifth-generation fighter jets in service. These planes are equipped with stealth functions, radar jamming technology and advanced avionics. These aircraft provide pilots with real-time status information during operation from their on-board and remote data. South Korea also reported that its planes were 4.5 generations old.

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