Space Alcohol: Wine that went into space for sale with a price of one million dollars: a bottle of wine returned from space costs over Rs 7 crores

The price of a bottle of alcohol auctioned in the UK is estimated to be over Rs 7 crore. In fact, this wine came back after being in space for a long time. After which it was put up for sale. However, the original price of this wine has been kept at $ 1 million, or over 7 crore in Indian rupees.

This wine has been stored on the International Space Station
Famous auction house Christie said on Tuesday it was auctioning a bottle of French wine that had been kept on the International Space Station (ISS) off Earth for more than a year. The auction house hopes liquor connoisseurs can pay up to $ 1 million to buy it.

Returned to earth after 14 months
In November 2019, 12 bottles of wine were sent to the ISS by researchers exploring the possibility of agriculture in space (outside the atmosphere), one of which is also “ Le Petrus 2000 ”. According to an expert in wine tasting in France, the taste of this wine, which came back to earth after 14 months, has changed slightly.

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