Space Command Secret: U.S. Space Command’s First Rocket Launch: U.S. Space Command Launches Plane

The US Space Force has launched a special military satellite into orbit. It was designed and produced in a year. Satellite Odyssey was launched by the Space Force Secret and Special Projects Unit. It was fitted with a Northrop Grumman Pegasus rocket under a Stargazer L-1011 carrier aircraft and launched from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. It is the first Space Force mission to be launched in such a short time.

first mission

The Space Force used Odyssey, a surveillance satellite used to detect foreign objects moving through space. The TacRL-2 mission was the first mission of the new Space Force Special Projects Unit. Space Safari works for priority and fast needs. It is designed to deliver within two weeks. It is named after the Big Safari rapid response unit.

launch within a year

According to General John Raymond, chief of space operations for the Space Force, a year ago he challenged his organization to create such a capability that could be ready and launched in a given time. Within a year, the satellite components were prepared and launched into the satellite. Interestingly, Space Force hasn’t shared any video of this launch.

the work has been going on for a long time

The US Space Force began work on developing a strategic response capability in 2019. This is where the Pegasus air rocket is located. It is the world’s first commercial space launcher developed by the private sector. It has been launched 45 times so far and has sent 90 satellites into low earth orbit. The United States sees China and Russia as its rivals in space and is trying to meet the challenges they face.

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