Space hurricane swirling above the magnetic north pole Scientists spotted: cyclonic storm visible in space above the north pole, crisis on earth due to heavy “ rain ”

Strong points:

A huge storm is now visible in space above Earth. The storm is easily visible on satellite images. These space storms typically form in the lower part of Washington’s atmosphere.
While the cyclone that came to earth was a crisis for humans, now a huge storm is also being observed in space. These storms are easily visible on satellite images. These storms usually form in the lower part of the atmosphere, which is very close to the Earth’s surface. Where storms rain, this space storm rains solar particles.

Scientists have now confirmed that cyclonic storms are also coming to space. This electron plasma was found in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. University of Reading professor Mike Lockwood says that until now we have not known whether space plasma exists or not. Based on this brilliant analysis, to prove that in itself is incredible.

Lockwood said cyclones can be common on planets and their moons where there are magnetic fields and plasma. A team from Shandong University in China reported that a mass of plasma 621 miles wide was observed over the North Pole. Just as a cyclone rains water on earth, it rains plasma electrons. This counterclockwise direction rotated and lasted eight hours. They said tropical storms are associated with energy and these cyclones will be caused by energy emanating from very strong and strong solar storms and the transfer of charged particles to the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Space cyclones have already been found to occur on Mars, Saturn and Jupiter.

What will be the effect on the earth?
The team of scientists reported that due to the space cyclone, there is a rapid transfer of energy from space to the ionosphere and thermosphere. This may explain the effects of space weather – such as satellite drag, disruption of high-frequency radio communications, over-horizon radar location errors, satellite navigation, and communication systems. The cyclone occurred on August 20, 2014 and has been documented as an interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) condition.

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