Space Junk Tiny Piece hits the International Space Station, leaves a hole in the robotic arm

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The impact of the dangerously growing debris in space is now clearly visible, a small debris collided with the International Space Station, which was circling around Earth’s orbit, according to the Canadian Space Agency, such debris collided with the robotic arm of the Toronto space station
The effect of the dangerous growth of debris in space is now clearly visible. Small debris collided with the International Space Station orbiting Earth. According to the Canadian Space Agency, this debris collided with the robotic arm of the space station. This damaged the robotic arm and is clearly visible from the outside.

The space agency said in its blog post that a small part of the robotic arm and thermal blanket was damaged in the collision with debris. He said he first learned of the incident during the general investigation on May 12. He clarified that during the investigation, the impact of this collision was not visible and that the robotic arm was functioning normally.

This incident in space occurred at a time when the level of debris was increasing in a very dangerous manner. According to the US space agency NASA, 27,000 pieces of debris are being monitored in space. Even after so much surveillance, there are still many such pieces floating around in space, which go unguarded due to their small size, but they can threaten human flights and robotic missions.

what is space debris
In fact, the debris and the spacecraft are moving at very high speed and in such a situation, if a small piece collides, the consequences can be disastrous. There are two types of space debris. Artificial first and natural second. Man-made space debris refers to the fragments that continue to revolve around the Earth due to gravity after the spacecraft or satellites sent by humans have become inactive. At the same time, natural debris is called asteroids, comets and meteorites.

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