space tourism: a high-tech balloon will make you travel in space with a price of 125,000 dollars

Leaving the earth struggling with the corona virus, the wealthy are obsessed with space travel these days. On July 20, Jeff Bezos, the richest businessman in the world, will fly into space with his brother and another person. At the same time, Richard Brenson, owner of Virgin Galactic, also announced that he was launching his first manned mission in July itself. With these announcements, the space tourism sector is gaining momentum. A Florida company plans to take passengers to the far reaches of space with a high-tech version of a hot air balloon. The capsule attached to this balloon will be able to accommodate eight passengers in addition to a pilot. These people will be taken to the mouth of space by sitting in a pressurized capsule. The diameter of the capsule attached to this balloon will be 5 meters, while the diameter of the balloon mounted above will be 100 meters.
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The price set for a passenger is Rs 92 lakh.

Human spaceflight company Space Perspectives plans to launch its first mission in early 2024. The company has even started booking for the first flights. The Neptune company’s spacecraft has set a tariff of $ 125,000 (Rs 92,77,131) for space travelers. Given its exorbitant prices, only the rich and enthusiasts will be able to ride in a hot air balloon. The company has introduced a refundable reservation deposit. In this case, passengers will have to make an additional deposit. Later, this amount will be deducted from their rate at the time of booking.

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Refreshment and access to social networks in capsules

The company’s balloon made its first test flight on June 18. The flight took place at the Space Coast Spaceport in Titusville, Florida. The six hour and 39 minute flight was completed without the crew members seated. The cameras on board this balloon took a great photo of Earth at sunrise. Space Perspectives says the test flight marks an important milestone in how space tourists can sightsee with ease. The company also mentioned that this high-tech balloon also has a refreshment bar and social media access capabilities.

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Plans to be launched from many countries around the world

Jane Poynter, Founder and CEO of Space Perspectives, said: “We are committed to fundamentally changing the way people access space. He said last year that this performance is the result of many years of research. We conduct the research necessary to benefit life on Earth and influence the way we see and connect with our planet. The company says that currently its first flight will be launched from the Space Center in Florida. However, in the future there are plans to launch it from different countries around the world.

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Passengers will stay in space for 2 hours for a total flight of 6 hours

During this total flight of six hours, this balloon will reach an altitude of 100,000 feet, or 99% above the Earth’s atmosphere in two hours. This will be followed by two hours for passengers to enjoy a 360-degree view from the cabin. In the next 2 hours, this balloon will descend to land in the sea. As soon as it falls in the water, the space travel will end. The company’s spacecraft was designed in collaboration with British design studio Priestmangood. We looked at all the different elements that would make the experience not only memorable, but also truly comfortable, said Nigel Goode, designer and co-founder of PriestmanGood, last year.

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