Spacex launched the Cargo Dragon spacecraft of squid water bears and solar panels to the ISS for NASA

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Supply a SpaceX rocket to the space station orbiting Earth in space
Elon Musk’s SpaceX company rocket lifted off Thursday carrying supplies for the space station orbiting Earth in space. This powerful rocket took off with 3,300 kg of luggage and scientific research equipment. This rocket will connect with the space station on Saturday. With this rocket, two special guests Sea Bear and Squid also set off on a spacewalk. Apart from that, apples and fresh vegetables were also sent to the astronauts.

Special experiments will be conducted at the space station with sea bears and seabirds. It will try to learn how sea bears adapt to the space environment. The researchers will also try to find out whether the relationship between sea fennel and beneficial bacteria is affected when gravity is absent. Apart from that, the items to be tested on the space station include remote operation of the robotic arm using portable ultrasound, virtual reality.

Fresh apples, oranges, cherries, onions, lemons also shipped from Dragon Capsule
Scientists will also try to find out how the stone is produced inside the kidney in space. Also, more than 12 other experiments are to be done, including the manufacture of cotton more resistant to stress. No human entered SpaceX’s dragon capsule. Hundreds of experiments are conducted at the space station every day. It is a laboratory in motion. Astronauts perform each experiment and send its report to scientists on Earth.

Research on the space station increases our understanding of life without gravity. Fresh apples, oranges, cherries, onions, lemons, etc. were also sent from Dragon Capsule to astronauts. New solar panels have also been sent to the cargo rocket, which will increase the availability of energy at the space station. This solar panel will be installed outside the space station. Let us tell you that sea bears are known to survive and continue to grow even under the harshest of conditions. They survive even in the absence of radiation or oxygen.

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