Spacex spacecraft prototype takes off: revenge in the benches SpaceX rocket, flanking Elon Musk’s Mars dream! – The elon musk spacex spaceship prototype crashes into a fireball upon landing

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Spacex owner Elon Musk’s dream of going to Mars has been a blow. The rocket turned into a shoal after the explosion on the shores of the Texas rocket. The company hoped that this powerful rocket would take it to Mars in the future.
The dream of famous American industrialist and owner of the SpaceX company, Elon Musk, to go to Mars suffered a major setback. The Specshack’s rocket turned into showers of fire on Wednesday after a massive explosion during a launch test off the coast of Texas. The company hoped that this powerful rocket would take it to Mars in the future. On the other hand, even after that explosion, Spacex called it a “big test” and praised the entire team on the team.

Tesla car owner Alan Musk also tweeted minutes after the theft and said, “March we’re coming.” However, he later said that the rocket landed very quickly, which caused it to explode. He recalled the successful part of this rocket and said that the stationary rocket took off and changed position during the flight and was on the correct launch path for landing.

The rocket turned into fire
Elon Musk tweeted: ‘We have all the numbers we needed. The spacex team congratulates you. On the other hand, it is said that on Wednesday the rocket took off at the right time and climbed straight up. During this time, another rocket engine started. After a flight of about 4 minutes and 45 seconds, the third rocket motor also started, and the rocket quickly moved to the desired position.

The Staership’s engine was restarted seconds before landing to slow the speed of the rocket. However, this did not happen and the rocket turned into banks of fire. He collided violently with the earth. Elon Musk wants to build a light-speed rocket so that it can be sent to Mars. Previously, the test of this rocket had been postponed several times.

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