Spain adds more than twice as many infections as last weekend

18,164 new infections. It is the black record of this weekend, which ends with more than twice as many positive points as the previous one. A drastic increase that they have noticed especially in Navarre, which with the 507 positives in the last two days has multiplied its figures by seven compared to last weekend.

Cantabria also pulls its data: almost five times more, with 369 positives. Even if its president, Miguel Ángel Revilla, calmed the spirits in Liarla Pardo. Catalonia, for its part, is the only community at extreme risk, tripling its positives this weekend with more than 9,000 new cases.

An escalation of the incidence which this week brought us back to the levels of May. It was the last time we reached the high risk level. With a similar impact, we had a very different picture.

It is therefore the older age groups that dominate the number of infections. Today, 20 million vaccines later, they are mostly immune. And the situation changed. From week to week, infections among young people in their twenties have increased, in absolute numbers and proportion. Today, they are already the ones who have recorded the most positive.

An increase that hardly affects hospital pressure, which remains stable. Because young people are the ones with the fewest symptoms. But that is not why they are exempt from risk: 1.5% end up hospitalized and 0.1% in intensive care.

And although in much lower percentages, some may also die: because there are already 80 people under the age of 30 who have died during the pandemic.

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