Spain adds over 15,000 new infections over weekend with skyrocketing speed

Publication: Sunday 20 December 2020 14:10

New weekend of worrying numbers of infections in our country. After recording five weekends of declines, the trend was broken last week when Health reported 21,309 new cases and 389 deaths on Monday.

For the moment, this weekend it already leaves more than 15,000 new infections and that only ten autonomous communities have notified their data.

The Balearic Islands went from the second community with the lowest cumulative incidence rate to the top of the ranking with 338 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, this Sunday they recorded a drop in cases (407).

From this Sunday, national passengers must present a negative PCR to enter the archipelago through ports and airports. Those coming from Andalusia, the Canary Islands, Murcia and Ceuta are exempt because they consider their risk to be low.

In Catalonia, the government has released a video that takes us from Christmas dinner to the ICU. From Euskadi, the Basque government addresses young people and resolves citizens’ doubts.

Cantabria reports the lowest number of daily infections in the past two months, with 32 positives. Murcia, for its part, communicates 146 new positives and two deaths. In Galicia, they end the week with more health pressure and higher incomes at the outings.

Throughout Spain, the number of deaths is worrying, according to Health collects there are again more than 1,300 deaths, as the medical associations of Catalonia warn, which would be equivalent to a passenger plane crashing in our country every day.

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