Spain breaks latest vaccination record, inoculates 654,232 doses in past 24 hours

Posted: Friday June 11 2021 20:05

Second consecutive day with daily record of COVID vaccine inoculation. It was only in the last 24 hours that 654,232 doses were withdrawn, the historical maximum to date, and only one day after another peak without preferences was reached.

On the last day, 30,000 more doses were inoculated than the day before, while an already historic figure was recorded: 624,261 doses in 24 hours. Thus, in just two days, nearly 1,300,000 doses were inoculated.

Spain already exceeds 12 million immunized with the full coronavirus directive, or 25.8% of the population, while 8,713,617 have received the first dose to date.

Adding the two figures, in Spain there are 20,963,619 citizens already protected by a dose of vaccines, or 44.2% of the total population.

Since last Monday, communities have taken 2,274,747 doses, waiting for the serums to be counted for administration from Friday to Sunday. Last week, 3.1 million doses were taken in seven days, so the cumulative figure over those four days is in line with the government’s forecast of reaching or even exceeding 3 million sera each week inoculated up to summer, where 70% of the population is expected. be vaccinated.

Likewise, the executive expects that next week, 15 million citizens will be immunized with the full vaccine.

Ten autonomies have more than 30% of their population over the age of 16 – which is the current census to be vaccinated while waiting for minors to be included – already immunized and Asturias, with 38%, is the one with the more citizens with the full vaccine.

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