Spain could stop vaccinating young women with AstraZeneca and administering it to those over 65

Publication: Friday March 19, 2021 09:49

Experts from the Public Health Commission may recommend in the coming days that the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine not be given to certain population groups, such as young women – although an age has not yet been decided. . However, if they could recommend it to people over 65, to whom it has not been applied so far.

As laSexta has learned, this decision will be taken at a meeting on vaccines to be held this weekend, where the new technical sheet approved by Europe and the findings on the thrombus cases will be analyzed. . These cases are statistically very few in number, very rare and occur mainly in women, so it is considered difficult to avoid vaccination of this population group.

Health sources assure that the big debate this Thursday at the European Commission was not the resumption of vaccination – on which there was a lot of consensus – but the modification of the specifications of the vaccine so that the warnings are clear. A decision in which Spain had a lot of influence.

In the UK, a country where more AstraZeneca injections have been given to the elderly, no cases of thrombi have been detected, so it is very likely that this vaccination will be activated in Spain for the elderly.

Next Monday there will be a meeting of the Interterritorial Health Council at which these issues will be decided on the basis of the reports that will be made by public health experts. This is the reason why Spain has decided to wait until Wednesday to resume the campaign with this vaccine: Monday it will be decided, Tuesday the autonomies will summon the citizens and Wednesday the vaccinations will be injected.

While other European countries such as France or Italy have decided to vaccinate as of today, under the pressure of very strong incidences of coronavirus, Spain preferred to follow these protocols to give security and confidence to the population.

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