Spain decides not to suspend flights with the UK

Posted: Sunday 20 December 2020 19:59

Spain, separating itself from decisions taken by a significant number of its European neighbors, has pledged not to close its communications with the United Kingdom after the detection of a new contagious strain of COVID-19, which is accelerating until ‘70% transmission of the virus.

The government says it will defend this Monday “the need to adopt coordinated measures” on flights from the United Kingdom, announcing as an “immediate” measure the strengthening of PCR tests in airports and ports verification control people arriving from the UK. United.

This decision follows the executive’s request to the European Commission to agree on a common response to this crisis before the Christmas holidays. Previously, countries like Belgium, the Netherlands or Italy have come forward to order the cancellation of their flights with the United Kingdom.

Today, a large part of Spain’s European neighbors have adopted this difficult decision, although it has not been uniform in all territories. The Netherlands, for example, banned air traffic immediately and for at least ten days, while France imposed a 48-hour suspension.

“As a government we have a duty to protect the Italians and for this reason, after notifying the English government, we are about to sign a measure with the Minister of Health to suspend flights with Great Britain “, declared the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs. , Luigi Di Maio, explaining the decision of his country’s government to prevent movement from the UK.

From the government of the Netherlands, they asked their citizens not to travel abroad unless it is “strictly necessary” due to the danger of this tension.

What we know about the new strain of COVID-19

Given scientific evidence that indicates the new strain speeds up transmission of the virus by up to 70% more, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was forced on Saturday to change population movement plans for this Christmas, with measures severely restrictive in a significant part of the UK.

Although this variant is spreading rapidly, there is no evidence that it is more deadly or that it could have an impact on the effectiveness of vaccines developed against COVID-19 and already provided in some countries, including the United Kingdom. , an extreme that is urgently evaluated for confirmation.

Experts from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) plan to announce on Monday their findings on the COVID-19 vaccine developed by pharmaceutical companies Pfizer / BioNTech, which, if positive, would allow the European Commission to grant a conditional license to use the drug in member countries mid-week.

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