Spain faces challenge to reach five million people vaccinated this week


Publication: Monday, May 3, 2021 6:31 AM

Snapshots, Snapshots and more Snapshots. Those who are, those who will arrive and those who keep being administered. The current panorama of the coronavirus vaccination campaign is notably different from that at the start of the year, when the doses that arrived in Spain were infinitely lower than those we are currently receiving – and that we will receive in May -.

This week, which begins on Monday, May 3, has been marked in red by the central government. On April 6, Pedro Sánchez set one of his vaccination milestones throughout this week, claiming that 5 million people would be vaccinated against COVID-19.

And this goal, if nothing is visibly twisted, it will be achieved. Because this Friday, the Ministry of Health published a report in which it was collected that 4,689,766 people had received the two doses of the vaccine, with approximately 250,000 vaccinated per day, increasing from one report to another.

The increase in immunization was exponential in April, coinciding with the arrival of more vaccines. In January, 1,196,213 vaccines were administered; in February 2,131,446; in March, more people vaccinated more than doubled (4,758,070) and in April, that number had climbed to 7,779,586.

Pfizer is the dominant vaccine in our country, with nearly 12 million doses delivered to date. It is expected that every Monday in May, 1.7 million vials of this vaccine will arrive on their own, which will give another huge boost towards the goal of vaccinating the population.

Advance Goals

Behind the controversial vaccine AstraZeneca (3,820,000 doses delivered), Moderna (1,561,200 doses delivered) and Janssen, which has already vaccinated more than 88,000 people. As the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, explained in El Target, 1.3 million doses of this single-dose vaccine are expected to arrive in May.

More data for optimism: the percentage of doses administered versus those received. At present, on average, more than 9 out of 10 vials are administered, especially 92.9%. Of the 17,610,225 doses delivered to the Autonomous Communities, 16,364,595 were administered.

Also pending if full vaccination reaches all people over 80 years old. From the Wednesday to Friday report, the percentage of people in that age group with the full guideline increased from 80% to 88.8%. We are in a scenario where this goal of vaccinating this whole part of the population is likely to be reached this week.

With this panorama on the table, there is a paradox. If we look at the milestones that Sánchez shared regarding vaccination, the president of the government said that in the first week of June we would reach 10 million people vaccinated with at least one dose. Well, that number is already exceeded. In other words, we’re in a scenario where we’re not just talking about being vaccinated with one dose, but being immunized with both doses (or with one, in Janssen’s case) a month before the calendar.

As of March 31, 13.2% of adults had at least one vaccine in Spain. On April 30, that number jumped to 29.3%. These are the figures of hope, the figures which bring us closer not to the objective of 70% of vaccinated in summer, but to a more promising horizon that will give us, little by little, the life which the virus has given us. taken away.

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