Spain faces sixth consecutive day of Pablo Hasél protests amid tense calm

Updated: Sunday, February 21, 2021 8:45 PM

Published on: 02/21/2021 20:41

Spain is experiencing a new day of mobilizations in defense of the freedom of rapper Pablo Hasél after, for five days, serious altercations and clashes between police and demonstrators and violent groups. In this sixth consecutive call for demonstrations, tranquility reigns for the moment, even if the tension is palpable in points like Catalonia, the scene of pitched battles in recent days.

There, the first stone throwing at police officers has already taken place and attempts have been made to set fire to several containers, without the situation having worsened for the moment. Members of the Mossos filtered access to Sants station in Barcelona this Sunday afternoon, and closed access to the metro network to prevent the demonstration taking place in front of it from deriving from disturbances within this infrastructure. basic.

Catalan police sources have confirmed these preventive measures, adopted by the appeal. Officers in some cases check the backpacks and bags of people wishing to access the station, which has also been closed by vehicle. On the other hand, to attend these demonstrations, the young people of the CUP published their own instruction manual on social networks.

In them, Arran recommends to attend with the face covered and to cover the tattoos on the arms so as not to be identified. He also offers to take advantage of the materials found in the street to build barricades. And pay attention to this detail: next to a container on fire, the recommendation is to “make them shine to save time”.

To date, a total of 101 people have been arrested, only one of whom has been admitted to prison so far, and 82 mossos have been injured, almost all of a minor nature, during the five nights of riots in Catalonia after the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasel, according to Catalan police sources. Last Tuesday evening, the first in which riots took place in Catalonia, Catalan police arrested 18 people, while the next day that figure rose to 33.

Eight people were arrested during the riots on Wednesday, and Thursday, the less virulent, four others. Yesterday Saturday, the most important incidents were recorded so far due to Hasel’s imprisonment, a night in which 38 people were arrested, including 15 minors. To the arrests, we must add the great economic damage resulting from the damage caused throughout these mobilizations.

Only this Saturday 39 containers burned for an estimated cost of 58,500 euros. In addition, 600 square meters of asphalt was damaged; Mainly on Paseo de Gracia, Gran de Gràcia and Plaza de Lesseps, the repair of which will cost an additional 40,000 euros. In addition, it is estimated that the cleaning work will cost around 31,000 euros (30,950).

In total, the sum of Saturday amounts to 156,450 euros. To this bill, we must add the 725 containers burned since Tuesday, which would increase the bill to more than 900,000 euros. Traders and hoteliers are at the limit, because the looting now joins the losses of the pandemic.

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