“Spain has never looked for this situation, it neither wants nor feeds it”

Publication: Sunday 23 May 2021 15:48

Foreign Minister Arancha González Laya said she wanted to get out “as soon as possible” of the crisis in relations with Morocco, at the same time as she defended that Spain “never wanted this situation, never sought it, did not want it and did not feed it ”, and advocated dialogue and diplomacy.

Moroccan authorities allowed migrants to enter Ceuta earlier this week and called their ambassador for consultation because in April Spain allowed Front Polisario Saharaui leader Brahim Ghali to be treated in a hospital in Logroño. .

In statements to ‘RNE’, the minister said she felt “a lot of pain and concern” for the suffering in the face of this massive arrival of people in Ceuta and that Spain “does not retaliate with the partner countries, friends and neighbors. “, without ruling out” firmness, when it is necessary “.

Thus, González Laya defended that “irregular and disorderly immigration, which is in the hands of the mafias”, must be countered and, for this, work is underway in Europe with the Migration Pact, “seeking to en to fight together, together with the neighbors ”, because, as he said, it is not only a problem of the neighboring countries, but of the European Union as a whole.

Asked whether what happened in Ceuta was the Moroccan response to Ghali’s presence in Spain, the foreign ministry spokesman admitted that it was “a unilateral measure to a humanitarian gesture to a person who was in critical condition “. And as for the reorientation of relations with Morocco, the minister said that “we must look to the future and prevent these scenes from happening again”, in addition to helping those who want to return to this country to return.

He declares that Ghali “will return to his country when he recovers”

“To do this, we are with the Moroccan authorities”, he said, arguing that “reorienting the relationship is the key for the two countries”, which is why, as he indicated, they are keen to many conversations in a discreet manner. As for Ghali, Laya said that “when he recovers, he will return to his country”.

Regarding the situation in the Sahara, González Laya recalled that in December, Morocco and Israel had normalized their relations in exchange for the recognition by the United States of Moroccan sovereignty over this territory. “After learning about the agreement – he continued – we responded with respect as we always do with the decisions of others. We care about international legality” and in this area, he said. He added, “There is a dispute that requires a political response, which they must find the parts.”

“We will never do anything to offend Morocco”

For Spain, he said, there is no “preferred solution and whoever emerges will be respected,” after which he recalled that they are working with the UN to appoint an envoy “for to help the parties “because” this dispute is concerned “. “We will never do anything that involves crimes in Morocco, Algeria or the Polisario,” he condemned.

In addition, in statements to ‘El País’, Laya affirmed that Spain is respectful in its relations with all countries, but they also ask “that they be respectful with us”, and recognizes that the crisis with the Morocco “is far from over.” The minister assured that she would not respond with “hostile gestures coming from the other side of the strait” and that she would not call her ambassador in Rabat for consultations.

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