Spain honors health workers in fifth wave of COVID and with restrictions again

With the fifth wave of COVID-19 triggered, the number of infected people increasing day by day and hospitals seeing how, although slightly, their beds are filling again, Spain pays tribute, again, this Thursday to the victims of coronavirus disease and, in particular, celebrates recognition from health workers.

It’s no wonder: more than a hundred healthcare professionals have died in this pandemic, and around 130,000 have been infected. The idea is simple: as a country, to offer the comfort and gratitude of all citizens.

Thus, this is the second act of this style that we are celebrating in our country in commemoration of the victims of COVID, after the one that took place last year at this time. On this occasion, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, also assists the Kings, through the European authorities and representatives of all the powers of the State, or diplomats and members of civil society.

The first vaccinated, present

There will be a special protagonist: Araceli Hidalgo. She was the first to be vaccinated in Spain and, in her speech, she intends to send a message to young Spaniards. It will be, as you might expect, the most sought-after face of the tribute, which will take place in the Plaza la Armería of the Royal Palace and will be hosted by journalist Fernando Ónega.

The first to be vaccinated from various autonomous communities are also participating. With an age range of between 78 and 96 years, and an average age of 80, their presence symbolizes the strength of the vaccination, the hope of the end of the pandemic and the value of the group most affected by mortality. in this pandemic. Araceli Hidalgo herself, accompanied by her family, will intervene during this act as representative of all.

The families of the dead toilets

However, this is not the only emotional moment expected. Because the families and representatives of four health workers who lost their lives fighting on the front line against the coronavirus will also be present. The King will impose four Grand Crosses of the Order of Civil Merit in representation of all and all honored health personnel.

In this way, the focus will be on all deceased workers. And there will be relatives of 102 health workers who lost their lives during the pandemic, coming from across the country. On behalf of all, María Díaz Diñeiro, daughter of the head of the surgical department of La Paz hospital, Joaquín Díaz Domínguez, who died at 67 in April 2020, will speak.

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