Spain hosts multiple rallies for the fifth consecutive day to demand the freedom of rapper Pablo Hasél


Updated: Saturday, February 20, 2021 20:59

Published on: 02/20/2021 19:54

New rallies are starting in different parts of Spain to show their support for rapper Pablo Hasél after his imprisonment, and in solidarity with those detained during the protests. These new mobilizations are taking place in various Spanish capitals where hundreds of people have returned to the streets under the surveillance of a strong police force, given the altercations and disturbances recorded in recent days caused by Hasél’s entry into prison.

Specifically, in places like Madrid or Barcelona, ​​they wanted to take extreme security measures with the intention of avoiding images like those seen a few hours earlier in Catalonia, where four people were arrested afterwards. to have recorded new clashes. between violent groups and state security forces and organs. This did not prevent the first moments of tension from having already taken place in these areas when an hour had not yet passed since the start of the protests.

In the Spanish capital, more than 300 police officers have been deployed to avoid the problems recorded in the center. There were indiscriminate searches, especially around Plaza de Callao, to prevent some of the participants from carrying sharp objects. The situation is worrying because a few meters from this concentration, in the Plaza de Sol, far-right associations have called for a counter-demonstration. The objective of the agents is to avoid at all costs that these two manifestations end up crossing each other.

In Barcelona, ​​there were clashes between the police and violent radicals, some of whom looted clothing stores, smashed shop windows and set fire to containers and even the doors of the Barcelona Stock Exchange, who tried to pierce the blows. . The Mossos were deployed to confront specific groups that have spread to various parts of the city center with the intention of continuing to confront the agents.

There, in Catalonia, at that time, three of the four people arrested had already been released. In Girona, one of the young people has an open cause of public disorder, resistance and attack on authority and minor injuries. The judge provisionally made him available to the judicial authority, and another of the detainees must appear periodically every two weeks before the judicial authority.

The reason: the fourth day of mobilization ended in Catalonia with six injured and four detainees, leaving images as prominent as that of the large barricade erected to cut the Avenida del Marquès de l’Argentera. And later, with the looting of a bank branch and a sports store. Certain actions that the inhabitants of the district did not hesitate to denounce. But these disturbances did not occur only in the Ciudad Condal. Also, in Vilafranca and Girona.

Tension in the police and institutions

The tension on Pablo Hasél’s situation is perceptible in the streets, yes, but also in institutions. This is why the Catalan Minister of the Interior, Miquel Sàmper, will meet the Mossos unions in the coming hours; a meeting that representatives of the Catalan police had demanded, ensuring that the spirits of the officers were very tense due to the criticism of their actions. Likewise, Esquerra asked the Interior, in the hands of Junts per Catalunya, for an “agile and diligent” investigation into what happened during the protests.

Moving away from this line, other political leaders wanted to directly condemn what happened in several regions of Spain for the rapper’s question. Entre ellos, Ada Colau, que ha emplazado a los partidos a cooperar para pedir calma: “Esos incidentes, esa destrucción del mobiliario público no son una solución. Ese no es el camino”, ha apuntado la alcaldesa de Barcelona, ​​rechazando horas la violencia in the streets.

From Ciudadanos, they blamed Pedro Sánchez for what they see as a delay in condemning the events. “After many days of silence, let him come out saying that it seems wrong …” asked Begoña Villacís, deputy mayor at Madrid city hall, who added: “What must look bad is to have a vice-president who takes advantage of his position to encourage all these altercations. “It is the same idea that they defend the People’s Party. They denounced that it is Iglesias who lights up the streets.

“When Iglesias encourages riots and exalts criminals, the whole government does it. Sánchez must choose: either he is with democracy or he is with Iglesias”, denounced the deputy secretary of the Organization of the PP, Ana Beltrán. On the other hand, the president of the PSOE, Cristina Narbona, expressed her “condemnation without reservation” of these events, and affirmed that the freedom of expression does not protect the acts of violence. For Narbonne, in a “full democracy like ours” all rights “can be defended without resorting to any act of violence”. And he reiterates that the government plans to change the current legislation to, as it concluded, strengthen freedom of expression.

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