Spain imposes quarantines on passengers from South Africa and Brazil over coronavirus variants

Posted: Wednesday February 17 2021 19:46

Passengers arriving in Spain on flights from South Africa and Brazil will have to go into quarantine to stop the spread of the coronavirus variants detected in these two countries.

This was announced on Wednesday by the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, who signed a ministerial decree to this effect, by which all people arriving at a Spanish airport from these countries must remain isolated 10 days after their arrival, or seven in case. they are negative in a PCR test or an antigen test with certain characteristics of specificity and sensitivity.

These people must stay at home, “limiting their movements and also access to third parties”, as the Minister specifies.

The measure, since it affects fundamental rights, will be transmitted to the National Court for ratification, according to Darias, who nevertheless defended this action as “essential and urgent to prevent the spread of these variants” in Spain.

At the press conference that followed the Interterritorial Health Council, the Minister of Health expressed “his concern at the variants that exist in our country” and specified that to date, 613 cases of the British variant have been confirmed, including six South Africans and two from the Brazilian.

Faced with this situation, Darias announced this ordinance which, as he explained, complements the restrictions on flights from the UK which have been extended up to four times and those which had already been applied to those from the UK. Brazil and South Africa. In this sense, he indicated that these passengers are required to carry out a PCR within 72 hours of travel and that antigen tests are carried out at Spanish airports, mainly in Madrid.

When asked about how passengers who do not come on direct flights will be screened, Darias assured that “flights departing, either in scale, to reach our country from South Africa are also screened” and that Documentary requirements checks are also underway to prove a PCR within the previous 72 hours and antigen testing.

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