Spain is heading at a good pace towards vaccination after vaccinating more than a million people in three days

Updated: Thursday, April 15, 2021 8:52 PM

Published on: 04/15.2021 20:51

Spain continues to improve its vaccination rate day after day. In just three days, 1.1 million people were treated. In fact, in the last day, almost 450,000 vaccines (449,012) were administered in our country, the second highest figure in 24 hours. Since the start of the campaign, there are already more than 8.5 million Spaniards vaccinated: 21.5% of the population to be vaccinated has already received at least one dose, while 8.1% already have two.

By age group, 97.3% of people over 80 have already received at least one dose, while 56.1% have received the full regimen. The vaccination rate also increased from age 70 to 79, 31.8% received the first vaccine and 3.1% both. This group had to be vaccinated with Janssen to speed up the vaccination, as the percentage of people with two doses is still very low.

However, news regarding the Johnson & Johnson formula, the implementation of which has been paralyzed in the United States and the European Union as six cases of clots produced in more than seven million people who received this vaccine in the North American countries, have slowed down this process. Although the first batch of Janssen has already arrived in Spain, it is awaiting a recommendation from the European Medicines Agency to act accordingly.

And among those aged 60 to 69, 32.2% received a dose and 5.1% the full regimen. This group is being vaccinated with AstraZeneca, which until recently had a fear similar to that of Janssen in the population when cases of thrombi were recorded, although its use was eventually resumed when the benefits were realized. much greater than the damage it could cause in the cases counted.

In this context, the Ministry of Health announced the launch of the “I am safely vaccinated” campaign to raise public awareness of the importance of vaccines to put a definitive end to the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, it’s a hope to avoid big damage before the fourth wave arrives. Because the data of this Thursday show that the accumulated incidence continues to increase, but slowly: it is in 202 cases. And the number of hospitalized people has increased from 10,000.

The authorities also wanted to thank the enormous effort that the professionals of our health system have made and continue to do to save all possible lives against a virus that has marked a before and after in our way of understanding our environment: “This effort has made it possible this week to have a million doses in just three days.” “

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