Spain launches the Isaac Peral, the first 100% Spanish submarine

Since today, Spain has joined the list of ten countries around the world that have successfully designed and built a submarine entirely at its borders. And he did it through the front door, with the launch of the Isaac Peral in a ceremony presided over by the kings, with Princess Leonor and the Infanta Sofía.

“Until now, quite a few submarines had been made in Cartagena, but the engineering was always in another country,” explains Juan José Hernández, director of the ETS of Naval and Oceanic Engineering.

Spain joins great powers like the United States or Russia with this launch of the 100% Spanish submarine. An extreme that the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, also present, valued: “This submarine is science, innovation, technology and the future”.

The Princess of Asturias was responsible for cutting the ribbon that held the bottle that broke against the submarine to launch it, thus putting a point and following the 17 years of development of the ship of more than 80 meters long and seven in diameter.

“Today we must feel very satisfied and proud to contemplate the fruit of so many years of hard work,” said Admiral Chief of Naval Staff Antonio Martorell.

However, the process was not easy: “You need highly qualified personnel at all levels: from engineering to welders, mechanics, electricians …”, says Hernández.

The construction of submarines has generated, directly and indirectly, some 6,000 jobs, contributing 250 million euros per year to the economy. With its construction, Spain not only acquires its military independence, but also opens the door to the international market. The first navigation of the Isaac Peral is scheduled for early 2022.

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