Spain leads the ranking of European countries where the hiring of ICT professionals has increased the most

Spain leads the ranking of European countries where the hiring of ICT professionals has increased the most

Spain continues to lead the ranking of European countries where the base of companies hiring ICT service specialists has grown the most. Despite the enormous difficulties that the pandemic has created, the demand for specialized talent for companies in the sector continues to improve and grow year on year by + 0.8%.

According to the latest issue of the monthly TIC Monitor barometer, prepared jointly by VASS and CEPREDE’s Center for Economic Forecasting, it is once again clear how the ICT service sector continues to create jobs, mostly stable and skilled.

In total, more than 15,000 ICT companies have hired or attempted to recruit this type of profile in 2020. “We are talking about a not insignificant balance sheet which greatly exceeds the capacities of the university system, where, for example, only 7,000 engineers computer scientists are graduates, between diplomas and mster ”, warns Antonio Rueda, director of VASS Research and responsible for TIC Monitor.

The ICT service sector is therefore following the trend to distance itself from the service sector as a whole, whose employment level fell by -4.9% over one year.

Unfortunately, good data that indicates job creation in the ICT service sector has little to do with the annual turnover of companies in programming, consulting and other computer-related services, which experienced a contraction of -6.1% between December 2020 and December 2019.

Thus, the improvement of the last tranche was halted with year-on-year growth of -5.1%. The average growth over the 12 months of 2020, in trend terms, was -11.3%.

“Despite this, the resilience of this sub-sector has been stronger than that of the service sector as a whole, where the average loss of activity exceeds -16%. In the last six months, a significant advance has been seen in terms of activity, accumulating growth of 27% since June. And if we take as a basis the month of August, when the level of invoicing reached the lowest level, the growth was 62.4% ”, indicates Rueda, who sees the light in this context.

Entrepreneurs are optimistic again

The climatic indicators have experienced a notable improvement and regain optimism compared to the previous tranche, going from -10.4 points to +40.4 on a scale of +/- 100. For 70.2% of companies in the sector of ICT services, expectations are better, against 29.8% who perceive a deterioration in their turnover.

Likewise, the hiring climate indicator is also improving, going from +7.5 points to +29.5 on a scale of +/- 100. In other words, 64.8% of employers expect net short-term job creation until May 2021. “In short, a complicated year full of uncertainties is coming to an end; and windows of optimism are opening in 2021, ”predicts Rueda.

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