Spain lifts Easter restrictions with rising incidence and vaccination


Posted: Saturday April 10, 2021 6:32 AM

Our country cannot claim victory after Easter. Without reaching the figures presented at Christmas, the cumulative incidence in Spain is growing slowly but continuously, rising in a week from 151 cases to 182, according to the latest report from the Ministry of Health.

This Saturday marks a new stage, with the end of the restrictions common to all the autonomous communities for this Easter weekend. Only Madrid and the Canary Islands will lift the closure of the perimeter, returning to 17 different realities to deal with the pandemic.

Currently, five territories are still at extreme risk due to their incidence: Melilla (494.97), Ceuta (465.55), Navarra (394.59), Madrid (324.31) and Euskadi (295.34). This curve, this “upward trend at the national level” that Fernando Simón spoke of this week, is met with optimism from the vaccination plan.

With the last Health report in hand, we have seen that nearly a million and a half of vaccines have been administered since Monday, leaving figures that allow us to breathe some air.

Speaking of milestones, as Pedro Sánchez did this Tuesday during his appearance in which he spoke precisely of these government goals for the coming months, Spain can say that it has more than three million people vaccinated. and over seven million people with at least one dose.

These are the two curves that we see, for the moment, growing almost daily, with the illusion of vaccines and the concern for the incidence, more than a month after the foreseeable end of the state of alarm.

For the moment, we have little clue as to what the Autonomous Communities or the government, which has committed to the co-governance model in this new stage, will do. “We want May 9 to be the end point,” Sánchez said during his appearance. No state of alarm, goodbye to curfew, goodbye to perimeter closures.

Opinions on this announcement have been mixed, with critics like that of Ayuso, Elías Bendodo or Chivite, who said “he would have no problem” if asked for an extension of the state. ‘alarm. This will be seen in the coming weeks, as the pandemic evolves.

With the end of Holy Week, we enter news of the pandemic, in which the arrival of the new normal is glimpsed in a summer that seems ever closer … although the impact makes us remain vigilant at any time until our departure. the pandemic as a horrible memory.

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