Spain Massive street parties erupt as nation celebrates lifting of national Covid 19 curfew: Corona lockdown expired after six months in Spain, Welcome to Wine, Dance Party, Kiss, Crackers

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The nighttime lockdown on Corona in Spain has been abolished in the past 6 months. Following the announcement of the end of the lockdown in the country, people are in the mood to celebrate and love the New Year on the streets of Kispen, without a mask. Landed in madrid
The nighttime lockdown of the Corona virus in Spain, which was greatly affected by the Kovid-19 pandemic, has been abolished in the past 6 months. After the announcement of the end of the lockdown in the country, people were in a festive mood. Like New Year’s celebrations on the streets of Spain, people walked out onto the road without a mask and greeted the government’s decision with booze, dancing, a kiss and firecrackers.

A large number of people gathered and raised slogans of “freedom” and drank a lot. At the same time, the young couples publicly expressed their happiness by kissing. Until now, drinking alcohol in public has been punishable by a fine of several thousand rupees. It is said that there was a clash between revelers and the police during this time. According to the last rule, the ban remains at 11 p.m. and after that it is allowed to assemble outside.

Young people party in Barcelona and Madrid
It is said that in the two big Spanish cities, Barcelona and Madrid, young people partied fiercely. Meanwhile, experts have been furious for not paying much attention to citizen masks and social distancing. On this behavior, a leading expert has warned that taking the pandemic lightly can be overwhelming because it is not over yet.

According to the DPA news agency, the president of the Spanish Epidemiological Society, Elena Vanessa Martinez, quoted the national daily El Pais as saying that there were still many infected people who could spread the virus. She said people with more contact can cause more infections. Most restrictions were lifted from midnight Sunday, including nighttime curfews across the country, which were lifted in most places. However, this ban is still in effect in many places. Spain’s left-wing government has also called for caution. Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo said on Saturday: “The epidemic is not over yet”.

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