Spain opens doors to UK tourism and so far does not need PCR or restrictions


Publication: Monday, May 24, 2021 09:19

From this Monday, May 24, travelers from the United Kingdom have carte blanche to come to Spain. No PCR testing. No quarantine. Which comes closest to a pre-pandemic visit several months away, not without restrictions and, more specifically, differences.

In this sense, although Spain has opened body and soul to British tourism, historically the most important for the sector, the government of the island has not made flexibility. To date, UK authorities are asking their citizens not to visit our country unless it is essential travel. And only the Canary Islands are spared, where executive Johnson sees a “moderate” risk.

In search of the most important tourism

It is no coincidence that the Spanish government chose the UK as the first European country to visit us freely. In fact, it is the result of multiple epidemiological factors, a consequence of the improvement of the British country in recent months.

Today, our former neighbors of the European Union benefit from the best health situation on the whole continent. In fact, President Boris Johnson is planning to lift all legal limitations on the coronavirus on June 20 (if the situation permits). In other words, in a few weeks the people of Britain may not be required to wear a mask or keep a safe distance.

Also, among the population, the first trips begin for purely recreational reasons. And, again in June, a boost is expected from the movement: the British tour operator Jet2Holidays will resume its flights from June 24.

However, beyond this obvious improvement in the data due to the coronavirus – always attentive to what will happen with the new variants – there are other additional reasons to open the borders to the British population. The United Kingdom is, without a doubt, the country which has sent the most tourists to Spain in recent years.

Even Germany, where more than 10 million people typically come from a year (not counting the drop due to the pandemic), is unable to test the British figures. In 2019, according to INE data, 18 million Britons visited us, a figure which, in recent months, has collapsed, to the point that for a time France occupied the podium of the countries that have visited us. sent more travelers.

In June, full opening

After this first approach to the tourism sector, the Ministry of Tourism has another date marked in red on the calendar: June 7, the day when anyone vaccinated against COVID can travel to Spain, regardless of the country of origin.

At the moment, there are already a few countries that have the possibility of making their trips with virtually no restrictions, although they are far from having a weight in the visit statistics. These are Japan (which also joined the list on Monday), Australia, Israel, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Thailand. China.

In all other cases, the RAP will remain mandatory, although European countries do not require travel authorization. Quarantine is also not necessary, as some of our neighbors do. In the end, the tourist season has already started, and from the area they feel there is a lot to be recovered. With vaccination in mind, the intention is to change everything. “The beginning of the end”, according to the Prime Minister.

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