Spain reaches 10% of the population vaccinated with both doses

Published: Tuesday April 27 2021 19:49

Vaccination is accelerating to reach the target of 70% of the population vaccinated by the end of August. Spain today took a new milestone in vaccination, reaching eleven million people vaccinated with at least one dose and surpassing four million people with a full schedule.

Thus, nearly one in four Spaniards (23.2%) has already received at least one dose of the vaccine, while 8.5% of the population is vaccinated, a figure that rises to 10% when it is. vaccinated for the moment, that is to say those over 16 years of age.

Currently, nearly 15 million doses of the 17,471,055 doses received by Spain have already been inoculated. In addition, 100% of people over the age of 80 have already been vaccinated with at least one dose, and 77.8% have also received the second dose that would complement their regimen.

The second lowest age group, those aged 70 to 79, is also heading for vaccination. In this sector of the population, 67.2% of the people who compose it already have a dose; a figure lowered to 47.1% taking into account people between 50 and 59 years old.

Data from the Ministry of Health indicates that since the start of vaccination in Spain four months ago, 11,963,055 doses of Pfizer vaccine have been received, of which 11,955,255 have been issued and 10,330,156 doses have been administered.

Likewise, our country has received 1,553,900 doses of Moderna vaccine, all of which have already been distributed to the Autonomous Communities, and 975,943 doses have been administered, although 654,038 have received one dose and 321,905 both doses.

Regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine, the report published on Tuesday by the Ministry of Health indicates that 3,648,379 doses have been administered, while 3,648,138 people have already been inoculated with one dose and 241 both.

Finally, 146,400 doses of the Janssen vaccine against the coronavirus were delivered to the CCAA, of which 40,189 have already been administered, counting this vaccine with a single dose.

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