Spain reaches half of vaccination target of 70% of population this summer

Update: Monday June 28, 2021 8:34 pm

Posted: 06.28.2021 20:33

Spain managed to reach half of the goal set by the government of having 70% of the population immunized by the end of August, which would become the “collective immunity” which would allow us to live with greater normality. Thus, before the end of July, the country already has 35% of the population on the full calendar, immune.

This step is taken only six months after the start of the “most complex vaccination campaign we have ever faced”, said Silvia Calzón, Secretary of State for Health, at the press conference. during which you updated the data.

And the vaccination rate, according to the expert, is going “very well, at cruising speed”. En el último fin de semana se han administrado de nuevo más de un millón de dosis (1.105.714), mientras que el cómputo durante la semana supera por cuarta vez consecutiva el umbral de los tres millones de dosis por semana (3,600,000 pinchazos last week). Thus, it is expected that this Tuesday “we place ourselves in a figure of more than 40 million doses administered” for the entire campaign.

To these good data, there is also a hopeful forecast. As Calzón clarified, a record arrival of doses is expected this week, with a total of 6,687,430 units in the coming days, which will restart vaccination, now in the youngest age groups.

This situation has allowed a marked decrease in the lethality of COVID-19 in our country. Health spokesperson and director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, said that in Spain today two in 1,000 people die from the disease, “data much better than previous data “.

In this context, Simón wanted to send a reassuring message to the population, insisting that “the elderly population is well vaccinated”. “The first thing that needs to be passed on to the elderly is that they should not continue to be afraid, but there is a percentage of those people who may not be immune, one in ten,” said he pointed out.

It is precisely from this percentage that the expert asks the most to protect themselves, and for this, he insists on the fact that the unvaccinated (whose incidence is increasing) must be extremely careful when interacting with people of over 65 years to prevent the vaccinated and unimmunized from becoming infected. .

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