Spain rectifies and will not require any COVID test at the border with Portugal

Spain will not ask for any requirements for people traveling by land between Spain and Portugal. A fact which has already occurred before the Executive decided to modify the regulations to enter our country, but which, due to a “technical failure”, almost caused diplomatic tensions.

In this sense, the confusion comes from the document published by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. It was specified that anyone accessing Spain by land must meet one of these three requirements: a negative PCR test, a vaccination certificate (with at least 12 days from the second puncture) or a certificate showing that he has overcome illness.

The point is that, despite what the document explains, Portugal is a country that is exempt from these rules. Something that the government spokeswoman, María Jesús Montero, had to explain this Tuesday during the press conference after the Council of Ministers, in which she asked “an apology for the confusion”.

“The Ministry of Health has already communicated that the ground trip between Portugal and Spain will return to where it was; it will not require any type of test or additional protocol than was requested,” Montero said. And he insisted on the apology, pointing out that tomorrow the amendment will be included in the document.

This is a nuance that the Executive had to convey after our neighboring country expressed deep unease, to the point of threatening the same demands. Now from Lisbon they are celebrating the reestablishment of “normal management” of the border with Spain, after Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa called the problem a “technical flaw”.

“Today this manifest error will be corrected” and “we are returning to normal management of the common border, with permanent and harmonious coordination between the two governments,” Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva said. Thus, the border between Spain and Portugal returns to the situation in which it has been since May 1, for which no limitation is established on traffic in both directions.

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