Spain snowstorm 2021: see: -25 temperature, freezing cold, snow covered with a snow sheet

Spain, one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, suffers severe cold these days. The mercury reached minus 25 degrees Celsius from Monday to Tuesday evening in Spain and the white sheet of snow completely engulfed the city of Madrid. For the first time in Spain in the past two decades, the mercury has reached minus 25 degrees Celsius. The main airport in the city of Madrid was closed in record cold weather. Due to the freezing cold, the city’s roads are covered with thick layers of snow. Come, let’s see some great pictures of snowy Spain …..

Mercury minus 25 ° C in Spanish “ Siberia ”

According to the meteorological department, the night temperature in the city of Bello de Madrid, a city called Siberia, in the country was minus 25.4 degrees. The city is located in the eastern part of Madrid. The temperature in the main city of Madrid was minus 10.8 degrees Celsius. This is the lowest temperature in the past 50 years. The temperature at Barajas Airport in the capital was recorded at minus 13.2 degrees Celsius. According to the Meteorological Department, there have only been 15 such days since 1920, which have been colder than that. Meteorological department spokesman Ruben del Campo said on Tuesday that last night was the coldest night since 2001. He said that figure is still temporary. The cold can beat the record of the last decades.

Snow record in Spain for 30 hours

The cold weather in Spain is that there has been continuous snowfall in the country for around 30 hours. The streets, the houses, the trees, the cars were all buried under a layer of white snow. However, now the snowfall has stopped and people have started cleaning the snow. The administration also clears the roads. The highest level alert was announced in 11 of Spain’s 51 provinces and autonomous regions. After experiencing so much snowfall for the first time in almost 50 years, the city of Madrid returns to normal life from Tuesday. However, the people of Madrid are struggling with shovels and a lack of salt for clearing snow.

School-college closed, the army called for snow removal

Schools and colleges have been closed in the heart of Spain and in the capital of Madrid. Army personnel help clear the road by removing snow from the road. Food is being restored. Food is distributed to the population and the vaccine against the corona virus is distributed. The administration asked people to stay at home. The number of people injured in the accident at the military hospital in Madrid is increasing. In the past, at least three people have been killed in the storm. Two other homeless people were later found dead. Trees have also fallen in many places due to snowfall.

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