Spain suffers from an increase in cumulative incidence but records fewer daily deaths and hospitalizations

Publication: Friday December 25 2020 16:36

The Department of Health has notified 126 deaths from the coronavirus outbreak in the past 24 hours. Not only is this the lowest number in the seven days, during which we had an average of 175 COVID-19 deaths per day; it is also the lowest since October 15.

On December 17, 181 victims were registered in our country; on 18, 149; on 21, 334; on 22, 260; and 23, 178. Regarding the number of hospitalizations carried out, it is also necessary to go back to dates close to October to compare the data. People admitted for coronavirus in our country fell below 11,000. In addition, people admitted to ICUs also began to gradually decline. After several months above 20%, we managed to place ourselves a tenth below.

By communities, the Balearic Islands continue to be the most affected region today, with the highest incidence rate. As of Friday, he reported more than 462 infections per 100,000 population in the past 14 days. This is 40% more than the previous week.

In Extremadura, positive results continue to increase, with 548 cases in the last 24 hours. The Canary Islands added 176 cases, of which 116 were recorded in Tenerife. In Catalonia, nearly 3,000 new cases were reported in a single day. In addition, hospital pressure continues to increase with 1,520 admitted, including 336 in intensive care.

In the Basque Country, new infections drop to 410. However, the positivity rate has risen to 5.7%. And in Andalusia, Vice-President Juan Marín announced that he would meet this Monday with the committee of experts to analyze the need to tighten the measures, although he is convinced that it is not necessary. The day before, December 27, the vaccination campaign will begin in Spain.

Hundreds of millions of people are trying hard. We must not waste their sacrifices “

As laSexta has learned, Guadalajara will be the first city in the country to start the vaccination plan with doses of Pfizer. The first injection will take place at a nursing home, as she has no coronavirus cases and has not registered them in the past two weeks. Thus, Spain will receive more than 4.5 million doses in a first delivery that will last 12 weeks. These vaccines will be intended for 5% of the total population.

From the World Health Organization, they are clear: sooner or later the pandemic will end. So said the director of the organization, who sent a message of hope, but asked that we not let our guard down. Tedros Adhanom stressed that being apart this Christmas protects us: “Hundreds of millions of people are making great and heart-breaking efforts. We must not waste their sacrifices.”

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