Spain surpasses 20 million people immunized with COVID vaccine

Posted: Thursday July 08 2021 19:07

More than 20 million Spaniards are immune to COVID. Vaccination took another major step forward in July by adding 20,528,505 people with the full schedule, representing 43.3% of the Spanish population and 47.8% of target citizens in the vaccination process.

In addition, a total of 27,277,127 people have already received at least one dose of the serum, which represents 57.6% of the inhabitants of our country.

The next goal, according to the government, is to reach 25 million vaccinated by the week of July 19. Figures that should be achieved after the acceleration of the vaccination of young people in the majority of the autonomous communities due to the increase in epidemics.

In the latest report on the evolution of the pandemic in Spain, the Ministry of Health places the number of infections at 17,384 in just 24 hours, and the incidence above the extreme risk (252.16 cases per 100 000 inhabitants).

However, vaccination allows the nature of these infections to have little to do with those recorded in previous waves. The number of hospitalized COVID patients continues to decline, with 2,829 people recovering from the disease in medical facilities.

The occupancy rate of intensive care beds currently stands at just over 2%, in particular 2.35%, while in the third wave of the pandemic it exceeded 30%.

The reason is that more than 70% of people over 40 are immune to COVID, and current infections mostly occur in young people under 30, the group that currently has the smallest vaccinated population.

Concretely, the incidence at 14 days in the 12-19 age group amounts to 729.24 cases and increases even more in the 20-29 age group, with 814.01 points. Figures that are far from those recorded, for example, among the over 80s, with only 36 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

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