Spain surpasses 25 million vaccinated with full schedule against COVID-19

Posted: Thursday July 22 2021 6:18 PM

More than 25 million people already have the full coronavirus vaccination schedule in Spain. This is reflected in this Thursday’s Health report on the vaccination campaign, which indicates that 25,060,958 Spaniards, or 52.8% of the population, already have the full guideline.

Thus, the vaccination target that the Government had set for this week has been reached, in which the milestone of vaccination of more than half of the population with the full schedule has also been reached.

Concretely, according to data published on Thursday, to date 52,879,267 doses have been administered in our country, 586,223 punctures in the last 24 hours, to which were added 360,508 vaccinated with a complete schedule.

In addition, this Thursday the barrier of 30 million vaccinated with at least one dose was also crossed: 30,217,311 people received at least one injection, or 63.7% of the Spanish population.

If they are calculated on the population to be vaccinated, the proportion of citizens with at least one dose and with the complete regimen amounts to 71.7 and 59.5% respectively. In addition, 84.1% of people over 40 have already received the full regimen and 91.6% of this age group have at least one dose.

Most new infections occur in unvaccinated people

That same Tuesday, the head of Health, Carolina Darias, assured that the country was “in the conditions” to reach 25 million vaccinated with the full schedule this week, a goal that was finally reached this Thursday, while the ‘Executive maintains the 70% target by the end of August.

In addition, in the midst of the fifth wave of infections, the minister shared that 83.1% of infections reported in the past five weeks were in unvaccinated people, compared to 5.5% of newly infected with the full schedule and 11.4%. which had an incomplete directive.

Data which, according to Darias in his speech – which you can see under these lines -, “speaks of the importance of vaccination to protect us against the virus”.

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