Spain to pay tribute to victims and healthcare professionals of the pandemic on July 15 at the Royal Palace

Posted: Wednesday June 30 2021 10:47 AM

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced to the Congress of Deputies that a tribute would be organized on July 15 in honor of the victims that the pandemic has left in Spain since the start of the health crisis. This is what the head of the executive expressed during his speech in the lower house, where he specified that this act will be chaired by the head of state, King Felipe VI, and that those who fight still against COVID-19 will also be honored.

“Spain is an extraordinary country, it must continue to pay tribute to professionals and must never forget the victims of this disease”, underlined Sánchez in his speech before giving in to his announcement: “On July 15, we will pay a visit to new tribute to all the victims, to the professionals who fought and continue to fight against COVID-19, alongside His Majesty the King of Spain, at the Royal Palace. “

This is how the socialist leader expressed himself, noting, at the same time, the good rate of vaccination against the coronavirus that our country has maintained since the first vaccines began to be marketed: “40.5 million doses have been administered since the beginning of the year We have achieved a vaccination rate of over three million doses per week. We have 17 million people with the full immunization schedule.

In the week of July 19, Spain will reach 25 million people vaccinated with the full schedule “

This data allowed Sánchez to make another announcement: “The real success will come when the entire population is protected, and in the week of July 19, Spain will reach 25 million people vaccinated with a full schedule.” In this sense, he maintained the possibility of obtaining so-called group immunity on the date set months ago by the Government: “At the end of August, as we had promised, 70% of the population will be immunized.

Sánchez did not want to end his speech without once again thanking our health professionals, but also “the citizens, who for the most part accepted the need to be vaccinated and behaved with discipline, solidarity and responsibility; all the communities, of any political sign, and the Autonomous Communities and their coordination, with which it has been demonstrated that Spain can be at the highest level “.

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