Spain will have more people vaccinated against COVID-19 than infected this week


Publication: Monday, April 12, 2021 11:45

The vaccination plan is about to reach a new milestone: this week, in accordance with the expected doses, as well as the vaccination rate of the past few days, Spain will have more people vaccinated with the full schedule for the first times (two doses) infected since the start of the pandemic.

This was confirmed by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, during his speech at an economic forum held on Monday. And the data, if the forecasts are met, attest to this: so far, Spain has been able to vaccinate a total of 3,072,109 people, while, since the pandemic began to spread, a total of 3,347,512 cases of COVID.

275.403. This is the number that now separates our country from exceeding that range, which could materialize in just a few hours, as the daily vaccination rate since the start of April has far exceeded these types of numbers. In fact, one need only look at last week’s records: Thursday alone, the CCAA inoculated a total of 453,682 doses in one day, while on the other days, Sanidad recorded rates in excess of 300,000 daily punctures.

Sánchez insists: the calendar remains

In addition to this announcement, the chief executive also recalled that, despite the changes that have taken place in recent days in the Anglo-Swedish vaccination of AstraZeneca, the vaccination strategy will not be changed, because it is a plan “careful and studied”. Likewise, he recalled some of the most important dates of said calendar: on May 3 there will be 5 million vaccinated who will reach 10 in the first week of June, 15 in mid-June, 25 in mid-July and , at the end of August, 33 million, that is to say the planned target of 70 percent of the population.

These data are consistent with the increase in vaccination expected from the second half of this month of April. And, in fact, a new stage arrives on Tuesday: tomorrow the first injections of the Janssen vaccine will arrive in Spain, the first capable of generating immunity in a single puncture. Although the figure is expected to be 300,000 doses in April, throughout this second quarter the pharmaceutical company will send a total of 5.5 million doses to Spain.

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