Spain will start vaccinating between December 27 and 29 and health expects 60% of the population vaccinated in August

Posted: Thursday December 17 2020 19:39

Spain will start vaccinating the high-risk and caring population between December 27 and 29, according to what has been announced by the European Union, and all the autonomous communities will start at the same time, according to sources from the Ministry of health.

The goal is that in August, in just eight months, 60% of the population will be vaccinated, although the number of doses that will arrive is still unknown, but they confirm that the distribution will be fair. “We are ready for these dates”, they assure.

The same sources acknowledge that they still do not know the date of arrival of the vaccine, but that once authorized, distribution will take place at points established by each country. The Spaniards will not reveal themselves for security reasons.

Controlled distribution

The distribution will be carried out by authorized and duly insured agents, who will bring the doses of the Pfizer vaccine – stored at 80 degrees below zero – to around fifty delivery points, from where they will be distributed to the 13,000 vaccination points established by the government. .

The vaccine will be voluntary and people will be vaccinated with antibodies, albeit in later stages, in accordance with the vaccination criteria established by the executive.

There will not be 21 days between vaccinations

Regarding its storage, these sources from the Salvador Illa department affirm that the storage of the vaccine will not pose a problem because there will not be time to save all those who arrive because they will be vaccinated. There are already trained health workers to administer these doses. The Pfizer vaccine requires two punctures, but it will not take 21 days between each to be effective.

Regarding the side effects experienced by some of the vaccinees in the UK and US, Health ensured that these possible side effects were investigated. They recommend caution and explain that they will appear, as with any medicine, although they do not advise immunosuppressed patients from being vaccinated. Regarding people with allergies, these sources claim that there is no sign of contraindication to vaccination because there will be a lot of vigilance.

On the Europe line

The President of the European Commission has set a date for the start of vaccination in Europe. On December 27, 28 and 29, as Ursula Von der Leyen announced on Twitter: “We protect our citizens together”.

The Minister of Health has already underlined this Wednesday, after the Interritorial de la Santé, that in the next week that of Pfizer could be authorized. The European Medicines Agency is meeting on December 21 to assess the vaccine and is expected to approve it no later than the 23.

Salvador Illa made sure that “not an iota of security is sacrificed”. “Our country has been working on this since September and Spain is ready to start vaccination as soon as we have the doses,” he said.

Pedro Sánchez had already expressed the wish that the start date of vaccination be agreed across Europe. “We will take decisions in agreement with Europe,” said the minister, who insisted that vaccination “is a very important step, but it is the beginning of the end, it is not the end”. For this reason, he called for continuing to “take the measures seriously. Some measures are tough but they will continue to be necessary.”

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