Spaniards believe their diet, rest and physical activity will get worse

Back in presence: Spaniards think their diet, rest and physical activity will worsen

The vaccination rate in Spain is gradually increasing, and with it, globally or hybrid, many companies and workers are preparing to face the gradual return to offices from September. And can that payback plan be stressful and have a profound impact on workers’ personal care habits.

“Diet, good rest and regular physical activity are closely linked to the productivity and health of workers. In fact, the three main causes of sick leave in our country are musculoskeletal disorders, depression and the common cold. For this reason, it is very important to instill and promote good self-care habits among workers, as these also have a direct impact on the income statement itself. are worried about the impact that going back to the office will have on their health and many of them are asking for help, ”says Carlos Melara, founder of ekilu.

According to a survey of a thousand people this August by ekilu, the benchmark wellness app, nearly half of Spaniards think they will eat less well when they return to work. Likewise, the forecast of the Spaniards concerning their rest and physical exercise when they return to the office, is not positive either. Concretely, more than half of the respondents (53%) think that the return in person in the offices will have a negative impact on their break. Likewise, a third claim that their physical activity will be less.

The tupper is back

The ‘tupper’ is trendy again, and it is now the inseparable companion of face-to-face working days. According to ekilu survey data, three in four say they prepare food at home to take to the workplace.

Despite this, the lack of organization and planning (27%) and time (25%) when spending so many hours away from home are the main obstacles to achieving their well-being goals, according to ekilu data. “With these numbers, it’s no surprise that among the options Spaniards have for dining in the office are quick options,” says Melara. Thus, 44% say they prepare something quickly the day before or the same day, 12% generally go out to eat or eat in the company canteen, and 8% generally take the first thing they catch from the refrigerator or the “leftovers”. of Other meals.

However, there are farsighted people and almost 30% prepare a weekly menu that they cook throughout the week or during the weekend. And is one of the most important aspects to be able to carry out a balanced diet and an exercise routine, good planning. Spending time planning a weekly menu for the return to work face-to-face, in addition to saving time and money, allows you to choose a varied and balanced diet without getting tired of always cooking the same thing or running out of food. ideas. According to ekilu, Sunday (17%) and Monday (16%) are the days chosen by the Spaniards to plan weekly menus.

In order to help you eat better and more balanced, but also to reduce food waste, ekilu offers you healthy recipes with what you have on hand. It also has the possibility of creating “Balanced Men” in a personalized way, with their respective automatic shopping list, being the first personalized menu developed with artificial intelligence in Spain. It works according to the specific needs and preferences of each user, helping people to simplify their lives and save time and money. In addition, in its Learn section, you can find a wealth of valuable, reliable and proven information and tools on nutrition, exercise, mind, sustainability, organization and how to achieve goals. well-being goals.

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