Spaniards vaccinated against the coronavirus will have a vaccination record or “card”

Posted: Monday December 21 2020 18:43

People vaccinated against the coronavirus will have access to a vaccination “card or certificate” which will include their identification data, as well as information on the drug administered. This is provided in the new update of Health’s “Covid-19 vaccination strategy in Spain”, which states that “it is important to guarantee” access to this card for all those who are vaccinated.

In addition to the identification data of the person vaccinated, this card will include important data on the type of vaccine administered and the batch number, as well as the date of administration of the first dose and the second, if applicable.

This document will also help facilitate contact with the patient if an adverse drug reaction is suspected. When possible, the document states, the autonomous community will issue the card automatically and if this is not the case, other alternatives will be sought.

“Nominal vaccination” with confirmed appointment

Health wanted to emphasize in the strategic plan that at the beginning, the doses will be very limited. As the vaccines also require specific storage conditions that will not be available at all 50 vaccination centers (such as the fact that they must be stored at -80 ° C), the government wants to ensure that everyone mentioned shows up. to receive the vaccine.

Therefore, according to the document, a confirmed appointment vaccination procedure – “nominal vaccination” – should be established, even when taking place in closed environments, such as residences, “so as to ensure that no dose does not deteriorate ”.

This procedure will be maintained “at least as long as storage conditions persist regardless of the availability of doses.”

This is how the doses will be distributed

For the distribution of doses, Health has accepted that pharmaceutical companies communicate to the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (Aemps) and to the Ministry of Health the doses available as the different types of vaccines are allowed.

The Ministry will make a dose allocation proposal, which will be agreed within the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System and the communities will contact the pharmaceutical companies to inform them of the various distribution points.

In this sense, it is specified that communication and coordination between the authorities and pharmaceutical laboratories are “essential” for the distribution of doses to be “efficient and orderly”.

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