Spaniards who do not plan to go on Easter holidays increase by up to 88%

Publication: Monday March 22, 2021 2:14 PM

LaSexta’s new barometer on the coronavirus in Spain, Easter and the restrictions imposed. The laSexta barometer reveals the evolution of the intention of those questioned to go on vacation at Easter after the mobility restrictions announced by Health and adopted by the Autonomous Communities. Compared to the 64% who admit not having planned to travel this holiday – between March 26 and April 9 – the percentage now increases to just over 88% who say they do not intend to go on vacation. However, one in ten respondents maintain their intention to travel on these days.

In detail, when asked if they were planning to go on vacation this Easter, 35.8% admit to having done so, compared to 64% who admit it was not in their plans. Of these 35.8% who wanted to travel, if we look at the party for which they would vote, the highest percentage corresponds to Vox voters (53.6%) and the second to the PP, 43.6%. 31.1% would vote for PSOE and 37.9 for United We Can. The lowest figure belongs to Ciudadanos (25%).

It was not among the plans of 64% of respondents to go on vacation this Easter. Among them, 68.9% vote for the PSOE, 56.4 for the PP, 62.1 for United We Can, 75% for the citizens and 46.4% for Vox.

The barometer data, taken on March 15, change if the question is in the present tense: do you plan to go on vacation at Easter? 88.3% say no, compared to just 11% who do. By parties, those most aware of the idea of ​​not going on vacation on these dates are Unidos Podemos (90.3%), followed by voters from the PP (88.9%), the PSOE 88.5% and from Ciudadanos, 87.5%. The lowest percentage corresponds to Vox voters (73.8%).

Restrictions and containment

73.3% of those polled are in favor of the government deciding to maintain the restrictions and containment of the perimeter at Easter, while 25.5% are against.

Among them, if we look at the results according to the intention to vote, 83.3% would vote for the PSOE, 63.9 for the PP, 64.1 for United We Can, 68.8 for Citizens and 57 , 1 for Vox.

A fourth wave?

Regarding the progress of the coronavirus pandemic in our country, just over half of those polled believe that we are closer to a fourth wave, specifically 51.6% see it this way, compared to 45 , 4% who think we are further away and the 3% who do. don’t know or don’t answer. By parties, it is the voters of Vox who reflect the highest data concerning the proximity of a fourth wave, 56%, followed by the PSOE (54.8), the PP (50.7), the Citizens (46, 9) and United We Can (41.7).

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