Spanish employers plan to create net jobs after summer

For the first time since March 2020, Spanish entrepreneurs say they have optimistic expectations about their ability to generate jobs in the second half of the year. And yet, this forecast is more than 10 points from that of the Greeks or Croats, who are at the top of the ranking of recruitment forecasts in Europe. This is revealed by the ManpowerGroup employment projection study for the third quarter of 2021, which analyzes the responses of more than 850 managers of Spanish companies of different sizes and 45,000 entrepreneurs around the world.

In no less than 42 of the 43 countries analyzed, their employers confirm a clear and positive expectation of job creation from the second half of the year, an optimistic feeling carried by the progress of vaccinations and the relaxation of measures to contain COVID -19 . Despite this, the more than 800 Spanish businessmen interviewed for this study say they are among the most cautious in Europe and the world, in terms of managers in the Czech Republic (4%). So far from neighbors Greece (15%), French (9%) and Italy (7%), and more than 20 points from the United States (25%), Taiwan (24%) and Australia (17 %). The world ranking is closed by Peru (2%), Argentina (1%), Panama (1%), South Africa (1%) and Hong Kong (0%).

“As vaccination progresses and containment measures are lifted, optimism is starting to win over Spanish businessmen,” said Francisco Ribeiro, Country Manager of ManpowerGroup Spain. “This recovery in business expectations is different, more concrete, than that observed in past crisis situations, and it translates into a direct intention to create employment opportunities from September 2021.”

Levante, Galicia, Catalonia … and the logistics sector are driving the recovery

The Third Quarter Employment Projections study shows large differences by region, clearly impacted by the behavior of hospitality, commerce and tourism – the sector that is rebounding most strongly. Thus, the East (+17 points), the North-East (+7) and the North-West (+11 points), stand out even above the national average – in this case weighed down by the pessimism of the South (-1) and Center (-3).

The most interesting data comes from the comparison of the period 2020-2021: hiring expectations in all regions increase significantly: managers in the East note a considerable improvement of 28 points, in the North-West (+26) and the North-East (+17). The improvement in the North region is 15 points, and 11 in the South.

This optimism continues in the analysis by sector, except in the hotel industry. Transport, Logistics, Communications and Social Activities, with a net job creation projection of + 11%, Finance and Business Services (+ 9%) and Other Industries (with + 4%, Mines, Agriculture, Hunting, Electricity, Gas and Water), offset the contained trend in Building, Commerce (+ 3%), Manufacturing industry (+ 2%) and Hotel industry (-2%). The latter adds a fifth quarter in negative figures, but a clear improvement compared to the previous quarter (improvement of 6 points) and to the previous year (improvement of 27 points).

“In the generation of global jobs, technological roles stand out, and particularly those related to logistics, driven by the proliferation of e-commerce services” at home. “The hotel industry is recovering from the great fall of last year, but it is still a sector which destroys employment”. – continued Francisco Ribeiro.

The ManpowerGroup study on projected job creation in the third quarter of 2021 also announces new hires in sectors such as industry, hospitality, entertainment or tourism, areas hard hit by the containment measures of the COVID crisis 19.number of professionals in each company, medium-sized companies (from 50 to 249 workers) are again those with the highest projection of job creation in Spain (12%), followed by large (+ 7%) and small businesses (+ 6%). With these numbers, third-quarter data in Spain ends the year-long collapse in hiring expectations in the analysis by company size.

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