Spanish intelligence believes Russia triggered cyberattack on SEPE

Publication: Monday March 22, 2021 5:06 PM

Russia could be behind the SEPE cyberattack, whose web services were crippled and are still being restored. The reason could be political, given Spain’s criticism of Russian opposition Navalni or military friction in the Black Sea, which has also tightened the rope.

In this sense, the journalist and writer Ignacio Cembrero explains that “in recent months, the two European countries which have had the worst relations with Russia have been Germany and Spain”.

Santiago Márquez, expert in cybersecurity, specifies that “what they wanted to do, it is to discredit the SEPE and thus to cause an embarrassment among the citizens”. CNI suspects it because it is a virus that usually demands a ransom and is not commonly used against institutions.

Two weeks have passed since the attack and, according to Labor Minister Yolanda Díaz, the system is practically restored. But those who approach their desks don’t think the same, those who report that the website is down or they don’t schedule an appointment.

The situation pushes citizens to hurry to the doors of the SEPE, but the workers themselves tell us that they work on half gas and that in some branches they cannot process new services.

Manuel Galdeano, CSIF coordinator at SEPE, says this “implies that it will be very difficult before the payroll closes to manage all the benefits that we had outstanding in addition to those that we were not able to process and manage. “

About three million people receive unemployment benefits and there are nearly 900,000 workers at ERTE. But the minister insists: “No citizen will have delays in his payments”. Díaz asks for calm and that no one is with the cybercriminals.

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