Spanish legionaries rescue a child at the top of the El Tarajal border fence in Ceuta

Updated: Wednesday, May 19, 2021 11:58 AM

Published on: 05/19/2021 11:57 AM

Spanish legionaries displaced to El Tarajal due to the border crisis between Spain and Morocco rescued a child perched on the fence.

As can be seen in the video accompanying these lines, one of the soldiers climbs the fence with the child on his shoulders until he reaches a point where two other legionaries are waiting for him to be able to lower the minor. without sustaining damage.

It is one of the dozens of images left by this crisis in which more than 8,000 people crossed the fence in less than 48 hours, of which 4,800 have already been returned to Morocco by Spanish bodies.

Morocco has already sealed off the El Tarajal border, although there are still dozens of migrants across the border waiting for Spanish forces to neglect swimming to Spain. Those who manage to reach Spanish soil are immediately dismissed.

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