Spanish opponents do not quit despite delays in exams

After months of delays, the situation of thousands of opponents in Spain remains uncertain, to which is added an avalanche of new opponents who have considered opposing after losing their jobs.

In order to fully understand the current situation of opponents in Spain after months of delays in exams and places approved without appeal, OpositaTest, the test preparation platform for opponents, conducted a survey of more than 5,000 candidates for a post in the public sector.

10% of current opponents have started to be new applicants who have decided to prepare after losing their job during the crisis, while 50% make the study compatible with another job. The other applicants reconcile the opposition with further studies or with parental custody.

68% of candidates consider that the administration did not sufficiently reflect the situation of the opposition during the COVID-19 crisis. However, the vast majority of opponents consulted (82%) assure that they did not consider abandoning the oppositions during this period.

Almost all candidates include among their reasons for opposing a public post the post and the economic stability of the post of civil servant.

Over 70% of candidates still don’t trust remote exams, despite the constraints and restrictions that have led 26% to include online preparation apps in their methods.

Despite the cancellations, the vast majority of opponents consulted (82%) ensure that they have not considered abandoning the oppositions. A situation of uncertainty which greatly or moderately affected their study by a large majority, 73%.

In addition, there also do not appear to be unified criteria for suspensions and postponements. Some communities pause testing, others don’t, and in others there is no information or they come in a dribble. Geographical mobility being so important in the preparation of competitions, this mismatch seriously affects the planning of candidates.

Jonathan Garca, CEO of OpositaTest, explained that these days opponents are under even greater stress, because even if a date is decided for the celebration of the tests, there is always a probability that it will have to again. be delayed. This influences the motivation of candidates, whose performance may not be 100% due to uncertainty.

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