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Vegetable drink: – It is very important to remove toxins from the body to stay healthy. For this you can prepare some drinks from vegetables. Which will detoxify your body.

Many such elements go with food in our body. Which is harmful to the body. These elements are called toxins or poisons. Which needs to get out of the body. For this you can prepare a vegetable drink at home. Which will not only be beneficial for your body, but will also help cleanse your blood.

The whole system in our body runs on blood. The whole body gets oxygen through the blood and our body functions properly. For this it is very important to purify the blood. For which this drink prepared from vegetables will be very beneficial.

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Smooth with Spinach Beetroot –

You can prepare smoothies from vegetables to remove toxins from the body. For this you take green vegetables like garlic, spinach, lettuce, ginger, broccoli etc. You can boil them and eat them, or you can make them smooth. For this, take all the vegetables a little and pour half a glass of water in it and take the PC in the mixer. Now you can drink it. You have to check it out. So you can add black salt, lemon etc. to it. You should consume soft foods at least twice a week.

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Eat basil leaves

Basil leaves have antibacterial and antiviral properties. So, chew and eat 8 to 10 leaves every morning. This will clear the dirt in your blood and you can also drink it like tea if you want. To make Tulsi tea, you can boil about 10 to 15 leaves and soak them in water till the basil extract comes into the water. You can then strain it and drink it.

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Ginger and jaggery tea

Ginger and jaggery tea is also very beneficial for detoxifying the body. You can eat a small piece of jaggery after a meal. This will also strengthen the digestive system and will also work to cleanse the blood. So, you can also drink ginger tea with jaggery if you want. For this, put a little ginger in a cup of water and add a small piece of jaggery. Let it boil well. When it melts well, filter it and drink. This will detox the body.

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Eat lemon –

By the way, the use of lemon is very beneficial for the body. Because it is rich in vitamin C. Which helps boost immunity. But if you consume it, it will also detox your body. Because it also contains elements that purify the blood. Therefore, you should consume lemon water on an empty stomach every morning. You will benefit a lot from this.

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