Specialists in accounting and taxation, needs of the current job market

Specialists in accounting and taxation, needs of the current job market

In recent times, businesses are changing and, therefore, the way they operate. The new challenges, imposed by the great competitiveness in the labor market, cannot be solved with traditional ways of thinking and working. Each time, the market demands more specialized professionals; experts in specific areas of an organization. Specialization contributes greatly to the economic growth of companies, bringing them increased productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in all their business processes and models.

Fundesem Business School, through meetings with representatives of the most important business sectors with the professional careers department, has carried out studies to test the needs of the current labor market. The result of this work demonstrates the need for the fabric of the company to have specialists in accounting and taxation among its staff.

Based on this market need, and following the success of last year, Fundesem is relaunching the specialized program in Accounting and Tax Technician. The course, taught by professionals who work in the business environment and who, day after day, generate accounting and / or tax strategies for different organizations, aims to prepare the student to develop administrative, accounting and tax functions at the within the company. The main objective is for students to acquire the skills demanded by the market and thus considerably increase their chances of finding a job or improving their employment situation. The school, which bases its teaching methodology on know-how, is convinced that it will continue to work on the talent, skills and competences of students so that they can continue to bring added value to companies.

This is how Isabel Ortega, Director of the Faculty of Law, puts it: β€œin this sense, the program is not limited to students who simply acquire technical knowledge, but also provides them with the tools to apply them, strategies for executing them, the vision of financial, administrative or accounting services, the general vision of the company and, of course, the vision of large-scale change in the reality of the company. “

The program can also be carried out in individual blocks; Accounting technician or tax technician.

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