Sperm donor: Woman sues fertility doctor alleges medical rape in US

A woman living in New York has accused a doctor of falsifying semen after 40 years. The woman claims to have seen a doctor to treat the problems she faced during the pregnancy. After which he fertilized the woman using his own sperm without asking. Such an act is called medical rape in medical parlance.

Woman found out after 40 years
The woman, named Bianca Vaas, said in court documents that she contacted Dr Martin Greenberg in 1983 to search for a sperm donor. At that time, this woman was troubled by the problem of not getting pregnant. Vas claimed that Dr Greenberg conceived me with his own sperm without asking me. The woman said she learned the work of this doctor after 40 years.

Doctor cheated by taking $ 100 fee
This woman claimed that she then asked Dr Martin Greenberg to experiment with sperm from an unknown donor. For this, the doctor then took a fee of $ 100. Martin Greenberg also asked Bianca about her priority regarding the race or religion of the sperm donor. Vas affirmed that by denying it, I made the condition of being an unknown donor. I thought this donor would be someone else he knows or a medical student.

The mystery revealed by the DNA test
In fact, this woman had her eldest daughter Roberta DNA tested a few months ago. Roberta’s father’s name is recorded in the report as Doctor Greenberg. After which, the woman told the court that doing such an act by a doctor was not only immoral, but also illegal and unacceptable. It broke the confidence of women and patients in doctors.

Now the woman has appealed to court
The woman claimed based on the DNA report that Dr Greenberg got me pregnant using her own sperm. After which Bianca Vaas gave birth to a daughter. I did not have the baby’s DNA checked at that time because they assured me the doctors never donate their sperm.

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