Spice 250 Precision Guided Ammunition: Why Israel Is Offering India Spice 250 Precision Guided Ammunition: Why Israel Asked India To Buy The Spice 250 Bomb

Tel Aviv
Israel gifted India with the Spice 250, a smaller version of the Spice 2000 bomb, which proved its ability during the Balakot airstrike. This bomb is manufactured by the famous Israeli arms manufacturer Rafael Advance Defense Systems. It is the next generation precision guided air-to-ground munition. This means that even if the Spice-250 bomb is fired from a long distance, it can still hit its target with great precision.

The Israeli Air Force uses
This bomb is currently in use by the Israeli Air Force. There are also numerous reports that the same bomb was used in recent Israeli Air Force airstrikes in the Gaza Strip. This bomb very precisely destroyed many densely populated Hamas bases. However, Israel has not officially confirmed the use of this bomb.
Rafale on display in Bangalore
In February of this year, the Israeli company exhibited the extended range Spice 250 bomb at the Aero India show held at Yelahanka Air Base in Bangalore. It is the newest member of the Spice Bomb family. Two years ago, the Rafale equipped the Spice 250 Artificial Intelligence (AI) missiles with Automatic Target Detection (ATR) technology.

Can hit the target even while walking
Rafale Advance Defense Systems claims that this bomb can simultaneously hit fixed and moving targets with great precision. Once in flight, it can easily track multiple targets and locate one with pinpoint accuracy. This is the reason why this bomb is considered the deadliest weapon in its class. This state-of-the-art bomb can work even without GPS. Not only that, it can be shot day and night or even in bad weather.

Not only on land, the target will also be ruined at sea
This bomb has the ability to destroy its target not only on land, but also at sea. The smaller and lighter Spice 250 bombs can also be easily installed on light fighter jets like the Tejas. This bomb can also be mounted on Smart Quad Rack (SQR) in addition to the normal hard point of the fighter plane. Each SQR can carry up to four Spice 250 weapons.

The enemy smokes up to 150 km
The Spice 250 bomb can easily detonate its enemy located 150 km away. The bomb is equipped with a turbojet engine which draws its power from the JP-8/10 fuel system. This 113 kg bomb has an explosive warhead of up to 75 kg.

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