spin boldak the taliban killed civilians: the taliban’s bloody game, 100 civilians killed by order of pakistan, corpses rotting on the ground – the taliban killed 100 civilians in afghanistan

The Taliban, who occupied the strategically important Spin Boldak district in Kandahar province in Afghanistan at Pakistan’s behest, began playing Blood Holi here. More than 100 people were murdered in the Spin Boldak district, adjacent to the Chaman border with Pakistan. The Afghan Interior Ministry confirmed this and said he was executed on Pakistan’s orders. He also said that these civilians were killed for no reason by the Taliban.

The Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman told Tolo News: “Brutal terrorists have targeted the homes of innocent Afghans in some areas of Spin Boldak on the orders of their Punjabi (Pakistan) leaders. Robbed their homes and killed 100 innocent people. The fear of the Taliban is such that even these corpses could not be buried. The Afghan Interior Ministry has said it is showing the true face of our cruel enemy.

The bodies of those killed at Spin Boldak still lie on the ground
Meanwhile, a member of the Kandahar Provincial Council said her two sons were arrested a day before Eid and later murdered by unidentified people. Meanwhile, the Taliban have denied the allegation of killing civilians. Fida Council member Mohamed Afghan said unidentified gunmen took two of his sons from the house and killed them. Afghans are also residents of Spin Boldak. He said my sons were not associated with any military group.

The Afghan said some say the Taliban have taken more than 380 people and killed many. Their bodies still lie there. The Afghan Interior Ministry said the bodies of those killed at Spin Boldak still lie on the ground there. He said the Taliban killed these innocent people. The Afghan Defense Ministry said the Taliban looted government homes and offices. Currently, the Spin Boldak district is under Taliban control.

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