spiral galaxy Hubble Telescope: the Hubble telescope takes a distorted image of the spiral galaxy

The Hubble Telescope has taken a new photo of a spiral galaxy. Interestingly, the shape of this spiral galaxy NGC 2276 has been shown to be disturbed by the gravity of the neighboring galaxy. The galaxy NGC 2276 is located 120 million light years from Earth in the constellation Cepheus. NGC 2276 and its neighboring galaxy NGC 2300 can be seen in a wide-field image taken by Hubble. Due to its effect, the spiral structure of NGC 2276 is visible.

Both of these are included in the Atlas of Particular Galaxies which was first published in 1966. It includes the strangest groups in space. NGC 2300 exerts a one-way gravitational effect on NGC 2276, causing the larger spiral arm to protrude from its center and the shape of the galaxy appears distorted.

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The spiral arms originate from the center of the Galaxy and have a higher concentration of stars than the rest of the Galaxy. According to the European Space Agency ESA, this galaxy also contains extremely hot gas that triggers the star formation process in NGC 2276.

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